Long term commitment to Responsible Investment since our inception

  • Since the firm was founded in 2008, we have incorporated ESG principles into our investment process. 
  • In January 2011, Saemor became a signatory to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) under Aegon Asset Management, which holds a majority stake in Saemor Capital. 
  • We are also a member of the PRI hedge fund working group, responsible for developing standards for relative value hedge funds.

How we implement Responsible Investment in our investment process

  • We apply ESG principles in our day-to-day management. Please see our Responsible Investment Policy
  • A number of ESG factors are included into our investment process. These factors are selected on their alpha appeal and/or risk mitigation potential. 
  • As a responsible investor we have put our clients’ long term needs and goals at the heart of our thinking. 
  • We invest with our ultimate asset owners desires and have chosen to exclude Tobacco, Controversial Weapons, Coal Mining and Palm Oil stocks.

Bespoke Responsible Investment Mandates

  • For investors who have customised ESG guidelines, we have the ability to construct portfolios incorporating their specific objectives, risk budgets and investment restrictions.  
  • We can assist investors by informing them about potential trade-offs between alpha return and sustainability development goals and thereby advise them on how to best express their values in their portfolios.