Flagship Strategy 

Saemor has been successfully managing SEAF, a Dutch FGR structure, since 2008. 

Global Strategy

Future plans include developing a global systematic strategy, building on our European quantitative capabilities.


Bespoke mandates 

We were granted a MIFID services AIFMD license extension, granting us the ability to run managed accounts.

We have the capability to work with clients, tailoring portfolios to specific benchmarks, risk budgets such as total risk levels, long/short restrictions and investment restrictions such as leverage levels or excluding particular countries or regions.


  • For investors who have customised ESG guidelines, we have the ability to construct portfolios incorporating their specific objectives, risk budgets and investment restrictions.  We can assist investors by informing them about potential trade-offs between alpha return and sustainability development goals and thereby advise them on how to best express their values in their portfolios.